When Filing a Claim is Inevitable

By Kelly Pellicano

Picture this – you’re on your summer vacation at the lake with your family. After a great day of hiking and playing softball, you decide to cool off in the lake only to realize that after you’ve jumped in the lake, your phone is in your pocket.

Depending on which credit card you used to pay for your phone, the water damage might be covered. Wouldn’t it be great if you could replace your water-logged phone at little or no cost?

Most credit cards offer ‘protections’, also known as insurance benefits. Cardholders should know and understand what protections their bank provides on their credit card. They can confirm benefits, check coverage levels and, should the need arise, file claims by calling their bank or the benefits administrator.

Should the need ever arise, traditional processes to file claims exist. Cardholders can call their bank to directly file a claim over the phone. More recently, cbsi created through its own partners, the ability to file claims online via the eClaims website. Both avenues are available 24/7/365 and are there to help and answer any customer questions. The eClaims site has benefit descriptions, FAQs and a Glossary of Terms and can even track a claim through the claims process.

Today’s cardholders have an increased awareness of card benefits and they continue to take advantage of them. Social media, online forums, blogs and direct marketing pieces have helped increase this awareness. cbsi is here help its clients enhance their brands with specialized benefit programs. These programs can reinforce the value of the service or product, strengthen the customer relationship, and in some cases provide a new source of revenue.

All coverage is not alike and there are terms and conditions that will apply but consumers are taking the time to read the fine print and call for details. So, the next time you drop your phone in the sink, get rear-ended in your rental car or your luggage gets lost while traveling, take a look at the benefits on the card you used to complete the purchase – you might be pleasantly surprised!

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