Travel Benefits Designed to Bring Peace of Mind for Your Customers

by Ken Kraetzer

Thoughts of trips to warmer climates are very appealing right now with cold, icy weather covering much of the country. Soon college basketball tournaments will be attracting teams and fans to destinations seeking their “Shining Moments.”

Then comes spring break…

Credit card issuers can attract transactions from spring travel by providing benefits from the cbsi Travel Suite of Benefit Services. cbsi programs can help your customers plan their trips, save money on fees, or even receive luxury perks along the way. If a travel mishap occurs on a customer’s trip, cbsi benefit programs can be there with problem solving assistance. Providing benefits to your customers can go a long way towards attracting business and loyalty to your brand of card account.

Here are a couple of specific ideas:

  • Providing a Concierge Program can help card account customers with a wide variety of travel requests from special needs for airline, cruise ship and hotels to entertainment, shopping and tour opportunities at the destination.
  • When your customers arrive at the airport or are between flights, you can provide them with the luxury of Airport Lounge Access.
    Of course, you will want to provide Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) to your customers who rent cars. CDW covers the deductible on most auto rental insurance policies so customers do not feel compelled to buy rental company policies that can cost as much as $17 per day.
  • We all know checked bags are sometimes lost during a flight, causing an inconvenience that can last from hours to days. Baggage Delay provides reimbursement for the cost of necessary replacement clothing and personal items.
  • You never want a customer to travel without emergency support. Travel and Emergency Assistance Service provides support to help your customers through an illness, accident, theft, or legal matter that may arise during a trip.

Benefits from the cbsi Travel Suite serve as excellent reasons why customers should book their trips on your accounts. Use marketing tools such as email, website banners, social media postings or other marketing mechanisms to make sure your customers are aware of the travel benefits available..

Providing cbsi Travel Suite benefits to your customers can go a long way towards attracting transactions and loyalty to your brand of card account.

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