The New World of Customer Service

By Sonia Perugini

With all the talk of Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days, it can be hard to grasp how much of this technology will actually become integrated into our daily lives and how much will simply stay on the movie screen.

The reality is that 84% of people have interacted with artificial intelligence in the last year, and half of those people have done so without even realizing it (source: CallMiner). These interactions have likely come in the form of a Netflix movie recommendation or an augmented reality app that lets you see how a purchase will look in your home before you buy it.

You may have also experienced some improvement when engaging with customer service agents due to enhanced speech recognition and more efficient call routing. Such relatively mundane developments reduce the average duration of calls – a bonus for customers and companies alike. Time is money!

While the application of AI is as broad as the universe itself, it’s become most prevalent in customer servicing and other industries where the customer, process and product data and human reactions intersect.

More specifically, because of the importance of assessing and managing risk, AI has much greater potential to improve performance in risk in the banking sector than in many other industries.

But don’t let your mind get overwhelmed with concern about robots taking over. A McKinsey report last year concluded that many more jobs will be transformed than eliminated by this new technology in the coming years. (Yes, those dreams of early retirement will have to wait.)

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