Talking with DMA General Counsel, Senny Boone

By Ken Kraetzer

The Direct Marketing Association @Then Conference held in Boston in October had a strong digital marketing theme, but concerns about compliance with both American and European regulators was a significant topic.

DMA General Counsel, Senny Boone, discussed how marketers can be proactive in meeting privacy expectations and ad messaging choices. Several of Senny’s points:

“Marketers are concerned about how to come in compliance with some of the clarifications that just came out about the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991) the Federal Communications just issued these in July. Certainly nothing major has changed, but the clarifications do offer up some gray zones. For example when a consumer revokes consent, they have certainly broadened that so a consumer can revoke it at almost any time, one of the top concerns is that your company is looking at that”.

The other one we just heard of (Oct. 6th) is the “International Safe Harbor” is facing a challenge, it was apparently struck down by one of the EU courts. We have a lot of companies which are global, that are using the international safe harbor, to make sure when they are importing customer data that they are doing the right thing in terms of privacy protection.”

“You want to make sure you are taking a look at consumer choices, one of our main concerns is that you are offering up the adequate consumer choice regardless of marketing channel. In the mail space there is that helps consumers that want to get out of mail. For online we have got some nwere programs using the “Blue Triangle” that is the AdChoices program to make sure you are offering up choices through this enhanced notice, the Blue Icon. go to About that will get you signed up so you can participate in offering up the choices they need once they are finished looking at an ad and want to opt-out of future ads and promotions from that campaign.

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