Stuck in a Beijing Hospital…

by Ken Kraetzer

My neighbor was on an extended business trip to China. There to work with some clients and, when possible, enjoy some tourist attractions, he suddenly found himself feeling out of sorts. After 24 hours with no improvement and his stomach churning as though on a never-ending roller coaster, he checked himself in to a Beijing hospital.

Fortunately, nothing more than food poising slowed him down. However, the experience gave him pause to consider all the right decisions he made in preparation for his trip.

When booking his air travel, hotels and other necessities, he used his credit cards that provided Travel Emergency Assistance Services. He did this, in part, because of our conversations regarding my line of work in this industry. Had we not spoken of credit card benefits, he said to me, he may not have been quite as lucky.

Getting sick while traveling can happen to anyone at anytime. Changes in diet, climate and jet lag can all contribute to an untimely illness. Forced into an Emergency Room is difficult even in America. But in a foreign country language differences and treatment norms will add to the challenge.

That’s why knowing how to properly plan for disasters – as mild or severe as they can be – is critical. Your credit card may just be the best solution to keep you safe when everything around you doesn’t feel that way.

Travel and Emergency Assistance Protection

As a Vice President at cbsi with more than 25 years in the card benefits industry, ensuring that both financial institutions and consumers are aware of these relationship benefits is all I do.

These services, often accessed easily worldwide via phone, immediately help you through an illness, accident, or even crime when traveling. Typically the ground rule is that service can be provided when the client is at least 100 miles from home.

Case Managers will assist you through the entire crisis providing language translation if necessary, support for immediate needs and assurances that you are able to return home or continue your trip.

Having experienced first-hand the benefit of Travel and Emergency Assistance – I had a briefcase stolen while traveling in Barcelona – a Case Manager helped me recover lost passport, credit cards, traveler’s checks and airline tickets.

Travel and Emergency Assistance Protection covers millions of account customers with these benefits:

  • Emergency Transportation Assistance
  • Emergency Ticket Replacement Assistance
  • Prescription Assistance and Valuable Document Delivery
  • Emergency Message Relay Service

Be sure to check with your credit card issuer to determine what type of travel benefits you have available to you.

Remember, nothing ruins a long-awaited trip faster than an unexpected emergency. Be prepared for anything by using the correct credit card when you travel.

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