Our Story

cbsi™. A Rich History of Innovation, Service and Delivery

At cbsi, our primary mission is to produce a select range of need-driven, quality products and services that help organizations increase loyalty, generate revenue, and stimulate usage among their existing customers and target markets.

cbsi is a company that has transformed the way in which customers interact with the products and services they purchase.

As the leading global provider of transaction-based benefits, we enhance our clients’ success by providing innovative strategies and solutions that increase loyalty, generate revenue and stimulate usage.

We offer automatic and complementary protection services to consumers when they use a credit card, or other transaction account, to make a purchase. The protection, which is automatic and at no cost to the consumer, provides peace of mind should something happen to go wrong with their purchase.

Today we continue to support more than 1,500 financial institutions, insurance companies, payment processors, manufacturers, service providers and membership associations. We have more than 400 million transaction accounts covered by one or more of our benefits.

How we can help

As a loyalty benefits firm with a history in risk management and a quantitative perspective, cbsi is different from most. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, we focus on three areas that we believe are critical to our clients' success:

benefit programs

Benefit Programs

Benefit Programs

Our Benefit Programs allow clients to enhance their brands and reinforce the value of the client's service or product as well as strengthen consumer loyalty, and in some cases provide a new source of revenue.

marketing services

Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Our Marketing Services are known to increase sales, reduce costs and retain customers while helping our clients reach their objectives by making informed decisions regarding their marketing strategies

quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our extensive list of Quality Assurance Services will address all major aspects of customer communications, including many behind the scenes activities. cbsi will ensure they are effective, efficient and compliant as possible.

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