Story / History

cbsi™. A Rich History of Innovation, Service and Delivery

At cbsi™, our primary mission is to produce a select range of need-driven, quality products and services that help organizations increase loyalty, generate revenue, and stimulate usage among their existing customers and target markets.

Unlike other companies that have entered the benefits industry, we believe benefits must be relevant to the customer and create loyalty for the sponsor.

Our philosophy has carried us through major market changes including national disasters, financial meltdowns, changes in technology and increased regulatory requirements. This approach allowed cbsi™ to forge client relationships that have lasted since our founder, Robert "Bob" Conte, first put the cbsi™ logo on the front door more than 40 years ago.

Today cbsi™ continues to support more than 1,500 financial institutions, insurance companies, payment processors, manufacturers, service providers and membership associations. cbsi™ has more than 400 million transaction accounts covered by one or more of its benefits.

From initially providing benefits to now offering full-service solutions in marketing, customer relationship management and analytics, cbsi™ gives its clients rich, innovative strategies that make relationships work.

Many know cbsi™ as the company that helped create the loyalty benefits industry. While it's nice to be considered the innovator, cbsi™ believes its ability to "get things done" is the engine behind its longevity.

How We Can Help

As a loyalty benefits firm with a history in risk management and a quantitative perspective, cbsi™ is different than most. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, we focus on three areas that we believe are critical to our clients' success:

Benefit Programs
We help clients enhance their brands with specialized benefit programs (formerly known as Enhancements). These programs can reinforce the value of the client's service or product, strengthen the customer relationship, and in some cases provide a new source of revenue.

Marketing Services
We help clients increase sales, reduce marketing costs, improve customer retention, and more. Our scientific approach to marketing emphasizes a smarter approach to making strategies and helps clients make better decisions that achieve their objectives.

Quality Assurance
We help clients ensure that their customer and prospect communication programs are as effective, efficient and compliant as possible, whether inbound or outbound, by phone, mail, in person, or online. Our extensive list of QA services addresses all major aspects of customer communications, including many behind the scenes activities.

cbsi Philanthropy
The success of our company is driven by the character of our employees, those people who not only support our clients but give back to the community as well. With our commitment to supporting national and local charities, we extend the reach of our motto to "Get Things Done" for those whose need our support. To read more, click HERE.

cbsi Employee Recognition / cbsiSTARs
Many know and respect us for our dedication to our clients, to our industry and to our Philanthropic contributions to our communities. What many don't realize is the dedication and appreciation we have for our employees, Each year, cbsi honors and rewards its employees for their ability to go beyond expectations. To read more, click HERE.

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