Quality Assurance

The more channels you use to communicate with customers and prospects, the more you have to think about broader strategic and operational challenges especially where compliance, government regulatory issues and safety is concerned.

Do You Manage …

  • Company Information: Clarifying your products, services, policies, etc.
  • Tone: Ensuring that your reps' communication style enhances your brand
  • Processes: Responding correctly and consistently to customer requests
  • Compliance: Operating within the industry's security standards & best practices
  • Data Flow: Keeping your data secure and clean as it goes to/from vendors
  • Costs: Balancing each channel's costs against its revenue contribution

How do you address these critical issues while staying focused on your core business functions? cbsi™ Quality Assurance is the answer. Our comprehensive array of QA services includes location review, live-monitoring, and analysis of all major customer-communication channels. Tell us about your goals and challenges, and we'll be glad to recommend the services that are right for your organization:

  • Customer Center Monitoring
  • Customer Center Management
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Process and Quality-Assurance Services
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Event Auditing
  • Standards Development
  • Benchmarking
  • Service Delivery Management
  • Customer Surveys
  • Training Reviews
  • Monitoring Calibration
  • Enrollment Verification

All our QA services provide comprehensive reporting, including executive summaries highlighting program results, improvement opportunities, and overall compliance with client standards and regulations. Report formats can be adapted to meet your needs. Contact us for more information regarding our Quality Assurance Services via info@cbsiservices.com.

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