cbsi Introduces SnapCoverageTM


For the past 40 years, cbsi has been a leader in the transaction account benefits industry. From building retail products such as Cell Phone Protection and Warranty Manager to implementing travel protection tools like Luggage and Trip Cancellation, cbsi has provided credit card companies and their cardholders with not only great products and services but a better way to interact with one another.

Now cbsi expands their experience into the digital world with SnapCoverage.

SnapCoverage offers cardholders a fast, mobile way to file claims from using products found on their credit cards. It’s a digital strategy designed to bring card benefits to palm of cardholders' hands.

By utilizing two websites specifically designed for web and mobile usage to upload information – such as photos of products, damages to rental cars, etc. – SnapCoverage creates a reliable mechanism to then process any potential claims. Best of all, by utilizing the traditional resources of the phone such as the camera, cardholders can be assured that all information is securely stored for future access either on the mobile device, web or through call center interaction.

To register Retail products and process claims, use the following SnapCoverage site:

This site supports the following Benefits for: Retail and Shopping

  • Cell Phone Protection
  • Personal ID Theft
  • Price Protection
  • Purchase Security
  • Warranty Manager/Extended Protection

To file claims for Travel related products and services, use the following SnapCoverage site:

This site supports the following Benfits for Travel

  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver
  • Trip Delay
  • Lost Luggage
  • Baggage Delay

Let cbsi help you market SnapCoverage to your customers through our cbsi Issuer Marketer Tool Kit. The Toolkit combines email, social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), direct mail, billing inserts and other means to reach your customers.

cbsi can build your campaigns for specific groups you designate or you can utilize copy, lists and other direct marketing tools cbsi has available.

Moreover, once the campaigns are up and running, cbsi’s reporting using Google Analytics and social media analyzer, Sysomos, bring you up-to-the-minute results from your digital campaigns.

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