September 2020, Issue 22

cbsi Talking Business: September Edition: September 28, 2020

Dear cbsi Friends:

September in many ways is the start of a new year, new projects, school openings, football. But this year is different as Covid19 continues to change the way we live and work but does not define us.

We talked this month with extraordinary experts in their fields from across the country:

  • Christine Erna from NH analyzes the state of the US Postal Service.
  • Bill Hoffman from MN describes the value in learning from "small, fast data".
  • Michael Feldstein from CT advises how small biz can effectively use E-mail.
  • Irwin Grossman from MA outlines new concepts in credit card merchant processing.
  • Lee Kroll from FL and Jeff Kobil from Long Island discuss a new approach to prospecting with social media data.
  • Steve Chaloult from NJ explains how his insurance agency has adjusted during Covid-19.
  • Prof Mike Damergis from Iona in NY describes how sports media is training excellent digital marketers.

At the 9-11 ceremony is Brooklyn, NY, we were honored to meet Chief Thomas Richardson of the FDNY, one of the world's most respected organizations, who described why firefighters and police officers are committed to lives of service in their communities.

As always we are proud to represent our team at cbsi who are taking care of our clients and their customers during this challenging time.

Best wishes,


Kenneth G. Kraetzer
Vice President

Christine J. Erna
Topic: Analyzing the Current State of the US Postal Service
Bill Hoffman
Topic: The Value of "Small, Fast Data"
Michael Feldstein
Topic: How Small Businesses can Effectively Use E-mail
Irwin Grossman
Topic: New Concepts in Credit Card Merchant Processing
Lee Kroll & Jeff Kobil
Topic: A New Approach to Prospecting with Social Media Data
Steve Chaloult
Topic: Steve's Transition to the Civilian World and Leading and Insurance Agency thru Covid-19
Mike Damergis
Topic: How Sports Media is Training Excellent Digital Marketers
Thomas J. Richardson
Topic: Why Firefighters and Police Officers are Commited to Lives of Service in their Communities

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