September 2019

Leaving on a Jet Plane...


Or perhaps you're traveling by car. Regardless, the song lyric applies.

Once again, we celebrate our Travel issue because it is that time of year again.

This fall, a record number of travelers are expected to hit the road and board planes for destinations near and far. Booking those flights and other related travel needs, as US Today recommends, needs to happen as soon as yesterday.

So are your customers ready for their travel plans? Are they using your card that has travel related products built in?

This is the best time to educate and inform your customers on the value of using a card that has Travel Benefits. It's a wonderful reminder on why Benefits help bring peace of mind to every Travel-related purchase.

So before your customers get "On the Road Again" be sure to remind them to use your card for their Travel purchases. They will thank you.

Safe Travels and remember, Life is a Highway.


CardCon 2019

cbsi's Jack Hojnar led a Round Table Discussion on the State of the Benefits Industry at  the CardCon 2019 last month in Washington, D.C.

cbsi Blog: Travel Guidelines

This month, cbsi  Marketing Specialist, Kelly Pellicano,  provides recommendations that every traveler should read.  

Get to Know: Jack Hojnar

Being on camera is nothing new for cbsi's Jack Hojnar, host of the cbsi "Get to Know" series. This month however, Jack is the one in the spotlight.

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