Seasons Greetings from cbsi

What an Incredible Year!

As we usher in the holiday season and eagerly anticipate the arrival of 2024, we reflect on the incredible journey the industry has experienced in 2023. This year has been nothing short of transformative, marked by significant changes in the intersected landscape of travel, retail and technology.

In the world of Travel, we've witnessed remarkable shifts by expanding our offerings and working to harness the advances in automatation across the Travel Benefits marketplace. Within Retail, revolutionary solutions from banks, benefit providers and merchants allow consumers to experience a seamless blend of technology and human-centric experiences.

As we shift our view toward the promising horizon of 2024, the excitement is palpable. Advances in AI are set to propel us even further into a future where technology enhances and enriches every facet of our lives. What was once concept is now reality and that reality represents an opporunity to create new customer experience trends that will set benchmarks for the industry, as well as improvements in banking processes and applications that promise a more secure and efficient financial landscape.

Consider for just a moment what AI, AR/VR and LLMs offer marketers, CX advocates and internal systems. Those companies that embrace these tools will find room to grow in connecting with customers providing lasting relationships. Those companies who view such platforms as silly will find themselves on the outside looking in. How uncanny is it to know that this entire Holiday Greeting post was generated from a few small instructions within an LLM application? (The image was also created from an AI image generator)

At this juncture, we offer our deepest gratitude to the heartbeat of cbsi – our employees, their supportive families, our cherished clients, and our invaluable business partners. Your unwavering commitment and collaborative spirit have been the driving force behind the successes we've celebrated this year.

With 2024 fast approaching, let's carry forward the spirit of innovation, optimism, and unity that defines cbsi. May the holiday season bring joy to your homes, and may the coming year be filled with prosperity and fulfillment.

Thank you for being an integral part of the cbsi family.

Warm regards,



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