Protect Your Purchases

By Lisa Bonelli

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over. Many of us have already finished our Back to School Shopping, some of us haven’t started.  Before we know it, the holidays will be upon us. This time of year, spending can become hard to manage, so we all appreciate saving money where we can. When making our purchases, reaching for the right card product is key.

Many of us choose a card based on the APR or Rewards program, but there may be other benefits we should be aware of when choosing a card. Most credit and some debit cards carry benefits that may help protect a cardholder’s purchases. It can save money both upfront and in the long term should something go wrong with an item. For example, if a credit card has an Extended Protection benefit, that item’s eligible U.S. manufacturer’s warranty may be extended by an additional year.

There are other benefits for retail purchases available to cardholders. These may include Cell Phone Protection, Return Protection and Purchase Security. Purchase Security covers new purchases against damage and theft for the first 90 days after a purchase is made with a covered card. Who hasn’t heard of packages being stolen from a friend or neighbor’s front porch, especially during the holiday season?  These losses could be covered by a card that carries the Purchase Security Theft benefit.  It all depends on whether or not an eligible purchase was made with a covered card.

Check out these articles that talk more about the value of credit card benefits. You can also call your card issuer today to make sure you know what’s in your wallet.

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