October 2020, Issue 23

cbsi Talking Business: October Edition: October 29, 2020

Dear cbsi Friends:

October was the month many national conference went on-line, new formats used, platforms tests, opening access to those who might not be able to travel across the country to attend an event.

We talked this month with extraordinary experts in their fields from across the country.

Two events coming:

  • Jason Steele will host his online cardconexpo.com conference Nov. 16-19, the gathering of writers who cover the credit card and consumer credit industries
  • Brian Fethersonhaugh will be one of the special honerees at the Nov. 12 Silver Apples Online Award Event presented by the Direct Marketing Club of New York.

As always we are proud to represent our team at cbsi who are taking care of our clients and their customers during this challenging time.

Best wishes,


Kenneth G. Kraetzer
Vice President

Rebekah Johnson
Topic: The Impact of COVID-19 on Contact Center Industry.
Shashank Nigam
Topic: Handling COVID-19 to Provide a Safe Traveling Environment in the Airline Industry.
Raymond Butkus
Topic: Online Classes and Managing Education during COVID-19
Ava Seavey
Topic: The Challenges Faced in the Production Industry during COVID-19
Andrea Pass
Topic: The Keys to Effective Public Relations
Jason Steele
Topic: An Update on the Impact of COVID-19 on Travel and Credit Card Fields
Brian Fetherstonhaugh
Topic: What it Means to Be a "Silver Apple"
Bart Oates
Topic: COVID-19 Protocols for Football Season in Both the NFL and Colleges

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