October 2019

The Reality of Insurance

Insurance Pic

Most of us understand how insurance works: we pay to protect ourselves against some future loss.

The world of credit card benefits is no different.

From Travel Benefits to Retail Benefits, we hope to never have to file a claim because when we do something not-so-great probably happened. But if we need to file a claim, there's easy ways and less-than-easy ways.

Inform your customers of the items necessary to file a claim before the need arises: Save receipts. Log flights and hotel information. Pay for trips with a card that carries the proper benefits. Your cardholders will fully appreciate the reminder.

Until then, may we all avoid the need to file a claim - or at least be prepared when the occasion fits.

cbsi Online Claim Options

A report from Accenture reveals that 67 percent of consumers are interested in mobile insurance services – such as sending pictures of their car to report a claim. Therefore it's no surprise that cbsi and its partners provide the same type of services for cardholders.

cbsi Blog

cbsi's Megan Delaney shares her experience regarding the effect of technology on the Consumer Experience. The rise of AI and the decline of human interaction is having a significant effect on consumers.

Talking Business

cbsi’s Ken Kraetzer and Jack Hojnar attended CardCon 2019, the Convention for Credit and Credit Card Media, in Washington, D.C. Jack Hojnar participated in this year’s event hosting a Round Table Discussion on The Evolution of Benefits. Topics ranged from Security and Risk to Card Benefits.

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