October 2019, Issue 12

cbsi Talking Business at #Cardcon19 Credit Card-Travel Media Conf in DC

Industry representatives from Credit Card, travel media, government officials and others gathered in Washington DC Sept 8-10th for a high energy discussion of rewards, benefits, acquisitions, loyalty, security, education, and regulatory updates.
CBSI's own Jack Hojnar led a series of round-tables covering the "Evolution of Credit Card Benefits." A session video of Jack's talk is presented in our e-magazine below along with discussions with host Jason Steele, keynotes "powerhouse" social media financial advisor Winnie Sun, security expert Adam Levin, and several other speakers and sponsors.
From the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was Austin Mueller who highlighted the August 2019 Card Act report covering many trends in the credit card industry.
Hope to see you at one of these upcoming events:
Oct. 16th 5:30 PM DMCNY MCMA "Subscription Economy", Arno Ristorante NYC
Oct. 17th 7:30 AM WCBS Biz Breakfast w. Joe Connolly, Hilton in Huntington, NY
Oct. 21st 9 AM New England DMA "Bootcamp" Microsoft, Burlington, MA
Oct. 25th 8 AM Smart Hustle Growth Conf. w. Ramon Ray, Microsoft Times Square, NYC
Kenneth G. Kraetzer
Vice President
Travel Writer
Credit card and travel writer Jason Steele describes the gathering of trade media in Washington DC which featured keynotes by Adam Levin of Cyberscout.com, social media financial advisor Winnie Sun, Austin Mueller of the CFPB and panels and round tables with many industry experts.
Scot describes his company ICommissions.com based in Covington, LA as a "Digital performance marketing agency" working with smaller banks and finance companies to acquire customers on-line".
CFPB Report
The Georgetown University graduate highlights the CFPB's August report, "2019 Card Act" surveying credit card industry trends. Download a copy of the report at: https://www.consumerfinance.gov/data-research/research-reports/the-consumer-credit-market-2019/
Adam Levin, of CyberScout.com, co founder of Credit.com highlights his keynote talk at #Cardcon19 defining on-line fraud and cyber threats facing consumers, businesses and issuers.
Comment of Jack Hojnar, Head of Technology and Strategy at cbsi. Listen in on the roundtable Jack led discussing "Evolution of Credit Card Benefits" followed by Q&A with issuers and media.
David Antley acting General Manager at Pernix.io explains the attribution service his company provides to track origination of digital credit card applications through third party pixel and server side tracking that aligns with brands.
Stephanie Harris led session at #Cardcon19 in DC "Affiliate Marketing, Does One Size Fit All, Card Issuers from Different Segments of the Marketplace Share their Affiliate Marketing Approaches". She describes the high traffic #ContentSites that attract new credit card customers and meet regulatory requirements. Issuers on panel covered spectrum of young customers at Petal.com to mature ones at Amalgamated Bank.
Sun Group Wealth Partners
Winnie Sun is the Managing Director and Founding Partner of Sun Group Wealth Partners, a financial consulting firm providing financial planning services throughout the West Coast. With over 365K followers on Twitter, Winnie is one of the most followed financial advisors in social media today. The UCLA graduate discusses credit card programs and the inspiring story of learning value of saving from her parents.
Debra Schroeder self described as Chief Travel Ninja at @TravelingWell4Less describes her theme for readers "Travel more, spend less", providing "Tips and Tricks" on how to travel inexpensively but without sacrificing comfort, for those who value luxury travel, staying at nice hotels". Check her page TravelingWellForLess.com
Gary Leff, led an attentin generating session on changes in credit card loyalty and rewards programs. Gary is the author of ViewfromtheWing.com and Chair Nominations, emcee for the Freddie Awards named after Sir Freddie Laker which since 1988 honors travel loyalty programs.
Travel Writer
Comment of California based travel, credit card writer Eric Rosenberg in our talk highlighting #Cardcon19 gathering. His key topics for 4Q 2019 are #budgeting and #planning. Eric is a contributor to Business Insider and creditkarma.com. follow on @EricProfits and personalprofitability.com

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