October 2018


Insurance is one of those industries that gets a bad rap. If you were to survey your customers about their perception of those of us in the insurance business, you’d likely find not-so-favorable comments.

Yet, when the need for insurance arises, and your customers need, insurance quickly becomes vital; your customer’s experience with your claims process is therefore critical. Let’s face it, most people don’t set their homes on fire or wreck their cars to evaluate a claims process.

In this issue, we strive to remind you - and in turn, your customers - that insurance products have specific requirements that make or break the total process, especially claims.

We provide educational links that we encourage you to share with your customers should they ever need to file a claim with one of our insurance products, whether Lost Luggage, Auto Rental or Cell Phone Protection. Being prepared for what a particular insurance product covers and how to file claims easily, can dramatically affect your customer’s relationship with you.

We hope your customers never have to experience a loss. We are also insurance people so we know it is probable (our actuaries can get even more specific if you ask them!) that something will happen. We want you and your customers to have a great experience should they need to file a claim.

Stay Safe!


Your customers may be aware that card benefits exist. However, be sure that they are also aware the details of these insurance products. Familiarity with Terms and Conditions, while admirable, is often unrealistic. These articles below provide insight to some product details.

Visa Signature Benefits for Travelers

How I Used Chase’s Extended Warranty Benefit to Get a New Phone

Your Credit Card’s Extended Warranty Policy: A Guide

In her recent blog, cbsi’s Kelly Pellicano presents a detailed understanding of the claims tools and resources available to all cbsi financial services clients.

READ HERE: When Filing a Claim is Inevitable

cbsi's Ken Kraetzer as been exceptionally busy this month attending several conferences across the country.

Below are three videos from his most recent road trip.

Adweek with Alicia Wiedemann, Chief Marketing Officer, Drum Agency

FCC Regulators at September PACE , Washington, D.C., Conference

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