November 2019, Issue 13

cbsi Talking Business Fall 2019 Conference Highlights and Interviews

Wasn't it just Labor Day? We enjoyed attending and reporting on events this fall from a number of trade groups including the Direct Marketing Club of New York, Acxiom, the Hudson Valley DMA and PACE the Professional Association for Customer Engagement.
We continued our discussion of STEM Education with presidents of two colleges, Dr. Hank Foley of NYTech and Dr. Anthony Iaccoca of County College of Morris. Ramon Ray's had terrific speakers on leadership for teams and in small companies. Enjoyed chats with marketing pros Ruth Stevens and Ava Seavey.
A consistent thought, "Respect for Customers and their Data".
Excellent New England Direct Marketing Association MTech'19 Summit, Dec 9, Bentley College in Waltham, MA.
Kenneth G. Kraetzer
Vice President
Acxiom & DMCNY
Terrific Privacy Summit hosted by Acxiom and the Direct Marketing Club of New York DMCNY in NY City. Led by Moderator Customer Experience - Engagement expert Michele Fitzpatrick of Acxiom, Panelists -Jordan Abbott Chief Data Ethics Officer Acxiom, -Fatemeh Khatibloo CIPM VP principal analyst at Forrester, -Sheila Colclasure SVP, IPG Kinesso
BTB Marketing
Enjoyed chat with Ruth Stevens, NYC based Business to Business expert and faculty member at NYU Stern School before her international teachign trip. We discussed: 1. Influence of Millennials on BTB buying decisions 2. Social media platforms growing for BTB marketing 3. Recent article, "How well Do You Know Your Customer Data? 4. Ratings and Review Sites: The New BTB Marketing Channel 5. Concern about over reliance on "Marketing Technology" vs Sound Strategy Her upcoming lecture tour to Denmark, India and Vietnam.
"Inside the Subscription Economy" was the topic of the day at the Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association September luncheon in Greenwich, CT. We did a summary of key points with moderators Donna Hamilton from Alliant and Heidi Thibodeau of Wiland, guest speakers Nick Bryant of Highlights for Children based in Columbus, Ohio and Matt Whipple of Speedeon Data based in Cleveland. Great job by the HVDMA team!
STEM Education
STEM Education is vital to banking and vital to many operational areas. Enjoyed opportunity to visit with Dr. Anthony J. Iacono, President of County College of Morris, located in Randolph, NJ. Discuss of mix of liberal arts and STEM education offered, programs in cyber security, music technology, animation, virtual reality, "Virtual Hospital", Workforce Education and the new "Engineering, Manufacturing" building under construction. More at
Avalanche Creative Services
Ava Seavey, President, CEO of mid-town Manhattan based Avalanche Creative Services. The former television actress describes the courage she needed to go into business alone 18 years ago just after 9-11, experience in video production gained from working in a family owned business, keys to video production for direct response, industry move to performance based marketing, and value of Facebook in reaching consumers. More at
"Chase was well respected, no matter where you went and traveled to, Chase was a respected name, I couldn't have thought of a better place to work, if I had to do it all over again, I'd say how lucky I was that I got to work with a company like Chase, and meet the people that I got to know at Chase". Mario Rosellini, former Vice President and Insurance Division Executive highlights his 40 year career at Chase Bank.
Tammy Berentson of Fresh Direct, highlights the keys to digital marketing in the home delivery produce business and the career change she made from publishing. Our talk after she spoke in panel discussion hosted by Direct Marketing Club of NY and Media & Content Marketing Association in New York City.
Subscription Marketing Event
What Direct To Consumers Brands and Publishers Can Learn From Each Other in Today's Subscription Economy" was the topic of the night for a joint Direct Marketing Club of New York - Media & Content Marketing Association event in Manhattan. Highlights with panelists (L-R): - Alec Casey, CMO, Trusted Media Brands Inc (TMBI) -Nina LaFrance, SVP, Consumer Marketing & Business Development, Forbes, -Chris Cotnoir, Pres. The Rothkopf Group -Mike Schanbacher, Director of Growth Marketing, Quip
BNB Bank
Long Island banker Kevin O'Connor CEO of BNB Bank at WCBS 880 Small Business Breakfast hosted by Joe Connolly on October 17, 2019 in Huntington, NY. In our talk, Mr. O'Connor describes the local, community focus of BNB and keys for entrepreneurs: 1. Produce a product people want 2. Be out selling and promoting 3. Learn to Adapt
Smart Hustle
Ramon Ray highlights the key speaker points from his "Smart Hustle" conference in NYC on Oct. 25th, a gathering of entrepreneurs and small business owners: 1. Being a leader 2. Have a "Back story", compelling reason for starting the business 3. Adding first employees 4. Delegate, focus on running the business 5. Importance of pricing to build revenue 6. Be a lifetime learner
Enjoyed talk with Carl Horton Jr. of IBM an honoree at the Direct Marketing Club of New York 2019 Silver Apple Award Dinner in NYC last. Carl describes some of the trends and services his team at IBM is working on, his career path, and encouragement for Diversity in organizations, his theme: the source of your next big idea could be from a person with considerably different background.

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