COVID-19 Protection Service

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The COVID-19 Protection Service provides valuable services designed to help reduce the risk of the COVID-19 virus adversely impacting travel plans, personal health, and travel expenses.

Unfortunately, within the new travel “normal” we must cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. At any point during your trip, travel requirements could change and/or new variants of the virus could be discovered. The cost of being infected with COVID-19 abroad and the process of dealing with it varies by country, and often even by region.

cbsi and AXA Partners (AXA) aim to protect and restore travelers’ confidence globally, thus have developed the COVID-19 Protection Service that provides valuable services including Quarantine Monitoring and Arrangement of Medical Transport.

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As soon as the member identifies or suspects they may have COVID-19, they can contact AXA's 24/7 assistance team. Our team will assist locating a test site, if needed.

Upon a positive test AXA will serve as the members advocate for the duration of the trip: monitor care, coordinate and facilitate as needed with the local doctor(s) and other providers.


AXA's medical team, in coordination with the local provider, will assess the member’s condition to determine if local quarantine is recommended.  If so, the member receives phone check-ins to monitor his/her status and any changes in symptoms or condition.

A daily stipend of $200* is offered while quarantined to help offset any expenses incurred.

*up to $2,800 per covered traveler


Should the member’s condition worsen and it is determined the member should be transported back to his/her home location for medical care, AXA will coordinate and arrange, up to $50,000 of medical transport back to the member's home location.

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