cbsi Travel Benefits


More people are booking flights than ever before and at the same time, more airlines have delayed or cancelled flights than in previous years.

All signs point to the demand for travel continuing to grow.  One note of concern, as indicated in the link from Reuters, is the increased frequency of flight cancellations. As stated, cancellations jumped 73% in 2022 from the previous year.


Trip Cancellation Insurance provides options for your customers when flights are cancelled


Trip Delay Insurance protects your customer should a flight be delayed.


Lost Luggage Reimbursement ensures your customer's valuable items are protected

Benefits such as Trip Cancellation Insurance, Trip Delay Insurance and Lost Luggage Reimbursement provide valuable protection for your customers as they travel, while providing another reason for your customers to place their travel spend on your transaction account.

cbsi has various forms of turn-key marketing copy available which can be used for your preferred method of customer communication whether it be bank portals, websites, apps, Twitter, or traditional billing statements.

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