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Even with the decline of Covid-19 infections, the virus is still a factor in disrupting travel for some time. Countries are starting to lift travel restrictions despite the unknown factors of when the next Covid variant will emerge or what travel restrictions might be imposed. (READ: Asia Still Enduring Surge)

Travel outside the US will still be one that poses potential stoppage, cancellation or at the very least, some measure of adjustment (READ: Travel Rules for Internationals planning to enter Greece).

As travelers pack bags and get back out in the world, the very real risk of being infected with Covid-19 and a very real cost associated with it remains.

To this end, cbsi has developed 2 products that will instill confidence to safely travel abroad These products provide your customers with the peace of mind should they contract Covid-19 or any new variants when traveling outside the US.

Covid-19 Protection Service

protection main

The COVID-19 Protection Service provides valuable benefits intended to help reduce the risk of the Covid-19 virus adversely affecting travel plans, personal health and travel expenses. A 24/7 assistance team will serve as an advocate on behalf of your customer for the duration of the trip. A valuable benefit, Quarantine Monitoring and Arrangement of Medical Transport is available if evacuation is needed and a daily stipend for eligible travelers is provided to help offset expenses.

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Safe Travels Outbound


Safe Travels Outbound is an International Travel Medical Insurance plan for U.S. citizens and residents traveling outside of the United States. This medical plan includes coverage for medical accidents and sickness, including Covid-19, trip interruption, quarantine protection of $150 per day and much more. There is also access to 24/7 Travel Assistance Services.

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