May 2021, Issue 29

cbsi Talking Business: May 27, 2021 Edition

Dear cbsi Friends:

It is spring in the New York area, so glad that progress has been made on Covid, availability of vaccinations providing an opportunity for a return to normalcy.

This month we spoke with two advisors to banking and customer service organizations Jim Perry and Fred Shadding about helping their clients thru pandemic challenges like setting up to handle PPP loans and managing contact centers amid soaring volumes while implementing "Work at Home".

Media expert E.B. Moss tells us how podcasting can help your business and we hear from Frank McKenna and Dennis Behrman on how artificial intelligence can help reduce loan losses.

You will enjoy a talk with Gary P. Stokan, CEO of the Peach Bowl on future of college football bowls and almost signing Michael Jordan to Adidas.

In respects to Memorial Day 2020 we talk with 33 year US Navy veteran Fleet Master Chief Raymond Kemp about his experiences rising from a 17 year old enlisted sailor to the senior NCO in the Navy.

Thank you for your service to all veterans.



Kenneth G. Kraetzer
Vice President

Jim Perry
Topic: Developing strategies for consumer banks & credit unions including PPP Loans, post-COVID, and serving all customers.
E.B. Moss
Topic: Audio & Video podcasts
Fred Shadding
Topic: COVID-19 challenges faced by contact centers.
Frank McKenna
Topic: Assessing accuracy of loan applications, fraud patterns during the pandemic, and how AI can be used to identify fraud patterns & incidents.
Gary P. Stokan
Topic: The future of Bowl Games and College Football Playoffs
Fleet Master Chief Ray Kemp
Topic: Helping veterans transition to civilian jobs and building companies through diversity.

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