May 2020, Issue 19

cbsi Talking Business: Memorial Day Edition

Dear cbsi friends:

Hard to imagine we have been working from home for two months now, Memorial Day coming up.

We continue to applaud the work done by health care workers over the past two months, in our White Plains neighborhood one night a week we gather on our lawns and clap to show support.

In this month's #cbsiTalkingBusiness emagazine we hear from Jack Hojnar on renewed focus on "Contactless Payments", John Tolomer of the Westchester Bank on how community banks are helping small business and saving jobs, Alexandra Bowden on adjusting to work at home, Eric Rosenberg on financial management keys, Don Shin on remote presentations via Virtual Reality, Shashank Nigam on upcoming changes in air travel, and David Shipper highlights new report on best credit card benefit practices.

We are proud to add a special talk from my WVOX interview series with Army veteran Dr. Phil Roe, Ranking Member on the House Veterans Affairs Committee on health care staff helping veterans thru Covid-19, truly Heroes helping Heroes.

Thank you for your service to the veterans in our audience and in your families as we commemorate Memorial Day


Kenneth G. Kraetzer
Vice President

Aite Group
"Make Your Holiday Shopping with this Debit, Credit Card and receive Purchase Protection or Extended Warranty"

That's David Shipper of Aite Group highlighting how bank card account issuers can effectively promote benefits, one of the "Best Practices" presented in his new report "Fraud and Security Card Benefits Worth Promoting" available at
"We found out who is ESSENTIAL, its the people who clean the rooms in hospitals, who cook the food, sterilize the instruments, can't thank them enough"

That's Dr Phil Roe, Member of Congress, representing the 1st District of Tennessee, Ranking Member House Veterans Affairs, a recent guest of Ken Kraetzer on SALRadio heard on WVOX 1460 AM New Rochelle.
"It's a new time for everyone, I don't think we are going back to normal, it is a time for innovation."

That's Alexandra Bowden, CEO, founder of Cincinnati, Ohio based PEOPLEfirst Talent & Retention Consulting, on the challenges of the rapid shift to work at home during Covid-19.
"After 9-11 people would only fly if assured of safety, now will only fly if assured no viruses on board"

That's Shashank Nigam CEO an advisor to airlines around the world.
Sudent Loan Adviser
"Pay Attention to your Money, Stay Finance Focused"

That's advice of consumer finance writer Eric Rosenberg on managing personal finance during Covid19 crisis.
"We can simulate any environment, any scenario on Virtual Reality, that is what makes VR the ultimate training tool".
That's CEO Don Shin, of North Carolina based introducing demonstration of Virtual Reality product demonstartion capability.
"Contactless Payments are Fast, Safe and Secure"

"That's Jack Hojnar of on renewed focus during Covid-19 on mobile wallet payment solutions that reduce the need to press buttons on ATMs, checkout registers and even airport check-ins to make a transaction. Read Jack's article here.
The Westchester Bank
"We contacted everyone of our borrowing customers to let them know we are a Community Bank, here to help them"

That's John Tolomer, CEO, of White Plains, NY based The Westchester Bank, in a podcast we discusses efforts to help customers and community through Covid-19 crisis

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