March 2020, Issue 17

cbsi Talking Business: Coronavirus Response Edition

Dear friends:
Unprecedented two weeks for all of us, we can only begin to appreciate and recognize the work being done by medical professionals, doctors, nurses, and hospital staffers.
Our CBSI team is "Laser Focused" as Gen. Stan McChrystal's team said in a recent webinar, on managing our clients and customer credit card benefit programs and questions while we moved operations to home offices. Advanced planning, detailed implementation of emergency procedures by our account team managers and hard work by by our entire team has really paid off.
We appreciate being able to reach out this week to several trade industry friends, educators and one Member of Congress for insight on how businesses small and large can manage during this crisis. In our e-magazine below you can click on the podcasts, video interviews and a summary of a fascinating McChrystal Group webinar.
If you would like to be a guest and discuss how your organization is working through this crisis period in podcast, please just be in touch.
And stay well,
Kenneth G. Kraetzer
Vice President
That's Steve Forcum, Technologist, Cloud Solutions Engineer of Avaya on helping customers and communities during Coronavirus, our Podcast Topics:
    • Providing telecom support to international crisis areas
    • Converting agents from on premise contact centers to remote, home access
    • Helping clients with Legacy systems convert quickly
    • Ramping up Cloud platforms
    • Home office needs: Wifi priority, head sets, screens, desks.
    • Growing preference for video conferencing over audio only.
    • Business continuity for Collaboration Apps.
    More at
    "Working through COVID-19"
    NYU Stern School of Business
    International BTB Marketing expert Ruth Stevens, adjunct at NYU Stern School, has recently taught in Europe, India and Asia, discusses how businesses can manage thru the #Coronovirus crisis. Our podcast topics:
    • Effective Leadership during a Crisis
    • What international bus friends are saying
    • Importance of maintaining supply chains
    • Managing contact centers, cloud capabilities
    • Communications strategy
    • Verticals: travel, banking, retail
    Rebekah Johnson is CEO of Arlington, Virginia based and head of the Communications Protection Coalition of PACE Professional Association for Customer Engagement. Our Podcast Topics:
    • Federal Communications Commission ruling concerning Emergency Service providers ability to make call notifications during the #Coronavirus Pandemic
    • New Critical Call Registry that Numeracle has introduced to help both emergency service providers and trusted brands reach their audiences.
    • This week's Congressional legislation helping business and workers, being in the center of Washington DC where so much is happening during this crisis.
    Reach Rebekah at
    Twitter @Numeracleinc and Linked In.
    Mercy College School of Business
    "Transportation is Key Infrastructure of the Country, a Key to Recovery"
    That's Prof Victor Petenkemani, Associate Dean Mercy College School of Business, Dobbs Ferry NY. Our key Podcast Topics:

    • Response of Financial Markets to crisis
    • Core structures of Economy effected
    • How to increase consumption
    • Chinese economy contracted 13%, comparable US impact is $3 Trillion GDP drop.
    • Airlines are at front line, how can gov support fast recovery
    • How supply chain can quickly change to meet medical needs
    • Infrastructure is key to online education
    Reach the Prof at
    Twitter: @Petenkemani
    House Foreign Affairs Committee
    Congressman Eliot Engel is the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, representing the New York 16th District covering parts of the Bronx and Westchester County, our Podcast Topics:

    • Legislation to help workers and businesses get thru #Coronavirus crisis
    "We can do anything we need to, the only thing we can’t do is lose”.
    That was the message of Rachel Lammers and Christopher Fussell of Alexandria, VA based founded by Gen. Stanley McChrystal in webinar on crisis management for Chief of Staffs on March 18th. We cover many points from the webinar in our video:

    • When things get chaotic, leaders want a Chief of Staff who can share thinking across the organization, help to manage schedules, operating rhythm, a 360 degree communications plan.
    • Daily morning "All hands" video conference to build human connection, encourage critical questions, drive clarity.
    • Identify learning that can be applied immediately
    • Be honest in helping “Make sense of Uncertainty”
    • Avoid trying to make perfect plans
    • Communicate key directives three or more times.
    • Error on side of making mistakes of aggressive action
    • Keep the process moving, “You can’t steer a ship that is not moving”
    • “Take care of ship, then sailor to the left and right, then take care of me”
    • Remember company values in a crisis
    • "Keep a Laser Focus on Problem"

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