June 2020, Issue 20

cbsi Talking Business: Special Banking Edition

Dear cbsi friends:

As we celebrate Independence Day during this challenging time, we focus this special edition of #cbsiTalkingBusiness on the efforts of community bankers who help small business in their communities.

We were pleased to talk with two banking leaders Robert Fisher, CEO of upstate NY based Tioga State Bank who is the Chairman-Elect of the Independent Community Bankers of America and John Witkowski, the CEO of the Independent Bankers Association of New York. They describe the efforts of local bankers to help small business thru the Covid-19 period the Paycheck Protection Program loan processing and ongoing efforts leading to reopening.

We receive banking know how from Bruce Clapp president at Dayton, Ohio based MarketMatch.com and David Shipper, senior research analyst at Boston based Aite Group outlines his new research report.

Offering perspective on the recovery and trade, introducing the term "Reshoring" is Prof Victor Petenkemani, Associate Dean of the Mercy College NY School of Business.

Best wishes for a meaningful and safe 4th of July.


Kenneth G. Kraetzer
Vice President

Robert Fisher
Topic: Banking in the Covid Era
John Witkowski
Topic: Community Banking During the Covid-19 Crisis
Bruce Clapp
Topic: Banking Strategies for 2020 and Beyond
David Shipper
Topic: Credit Card Design and Material: Best Practices and Trends for a Top-of-Card Wallet Card
Victor Petenkemani
Topic: Education Challenges During the Covid Era

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