June 2019

A Journey Worth Knowing


For many of us in the customer service business, we know that customers don't materialize from thin air and they certainly don't stay because we wish for them to do so.

Those that relate best to their customer do so because they understand what it took for that customer to trust them: the Product, the Service and especially and the Promise. Spoil any of those aspects and the journey comes to an end.

In this issue, we challenge your thinking regarding your relationships with your customers.

Do you know their story? Do you know what they find relatable to you? Do you know why they want to continue doing business with you? Do you know why they choose to leave?

Remember, your customers have the answers to many of the questions that keep you awake at night.

Know their journey.


Conferences and Webinars: Customer Experience

Check out these Events, Conferences and Webinars

cbsi Blog

For the past 18 years, cbsi's Sonia Perugini has led the charge to providing the best customer service for both cbsi clients and for those customers that use our products and services.

This month, Sonia shares her insights into understanding the effects that privacy has on the Customer Experience journey.

Get to Know: Sonia Perugini

Each month, cbsi offers a YouTube channel that introduces the world to a variety of cbsi employees.

In this month's theme of Examining the Customer Journey, we talk with Sonia Perugni. A must listen.

cbsi Product Spotlight: Purchase Security

Protect Against Porch Piracy with Purchase Security

cbsi is helping financial institutions protect their cardholders from the financial impact of porch piracy with valuable coverage.

Online shopping has become a great convenience for so many, however ‘porch piracy’ continues to derail and ruin the experience for customers.

Fortunately, the Purchase Security benefit can help.

If an eligible account is used, Purchase Security can reimburse the cardholder for the purchase price of their package in the event it is stolen during delivery.

Contact us today to confirm if your cards carry this benefit. This will make sure your card is top of wallet or app.

For more information on this benefit and how you can help protect your cardholder’s purchases, please contact us at:

Email: Benefits@cbsiservices.com
Phone: 1-800-261-3511

cbsi's Ken Kraetzer was crazy-busy this past month attending several conferences.

Here are just a few video highlights to get you started:
Michael Marx of Visa, at 2019 Card Forum

WCBS Business in NYC

2019 Marketing EDGE Awards Gala in NYC

2019 Card Forum Highlights

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