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'Tis the Season for Shopping and Travel

It’s the time of year again for holiday shopping and travel! Promoting your card benefits is a great way to ensure it’s your card customers have top of wallet and use this holiday season for their purchases. Benefits such as Porch Piracy Protection, Purchase Security, Trip Delay Reimbursement, Lost Luggage Reimbursement, Trip Cancellation, and Travel Accident Insurance provide valuable protection for your customers as they shop and travel throughout the season.

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We also recommend promoting your protection benefits along with the Visa Offers and Perks benefits. Some of our favorite card benefit offers include:

Porch Piracy Protection

Online shopping can be quick and easy; however, in today’s environment, the rise of porch piracy across the country continues to be a problem especially around the holiday season. With Porch Piracy Protection, your covered cardholders can be reimbursed up to the total purchase price of an eligible item in the event the item is stolen from its delivery location. Coverage also extends to items that are stolen within 90 days of purchase - not just items stolen from the place of delivery. Gifts purchased for family or friends, as well as items purchased outside the United States are also covered. In order for coverage to apply, the cardholder must use their covered account to purchase the item. To learn more about this embedded benefit, contact

Asurion Home+®

With large holiday tech purchases, comes great responsibility; so why not have your cardholder’s covered with Asurion Home+®. Home+ is one simple plan that protects and supports all of your favorite home tech items. From TV breakdowns, to laptop spills; the benefit provides:

  • Protection for qualifying home tech, no matter where or when it was purchased
  • Fast and convenient repair, replacement, and installs
  • 24/7 Unlimited Expert Tech Support
  • Digital security and storage

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If your cardholders are thinking about purchasing books for that special someone this holiday season, why not support local, independent
bookstores at the same time? With each purchase, gives a portion of the profits back to the book community which includes over 1,500 booksellers. It’s a convenient way to shop online, while helping to locally owned, small business bookstores.

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