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Lots to Discuss

This month there is so much happening with cbsi, we’re participating in a webinar series, we’re already thinking of the upcoming Holiday Shopping season and have a few other items for you to think about. This month, we make it easy and list it out for you.

Let’s not waste any time:

  • On November 10, 2020, from 1 - 2 pm est, cbsi and partner, ShadowWorks, will be part of a webinar series hosted by the Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association. The topic: Growing Your Business in Front of a Lens: How Digital Media is Transforming Customer Experience and Sales.
  • It may seem far too early to talk about Holiday Shopping. Yet, with the Corona virus occupying everyone’s minds, retail experts anticipate an early online shopping season. cbsi Kelly Pellicano’s Blog brings an interesting perspective.
  • As you consider this Holiday Shopping Season, be sure to teach your bank customers about Porch Piracy. Given the increase in online shopping, more shipped items will be sitting on porches, patios and near front doors.
  • Ken Kraetzer and Talking Business have plenty of interesting videos. You won’t want to miss these informative interviews.

Enjoy …

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cbsi BLOG: Best Practices for Consumer Holiday Shopping

This month, cbsi's Kelly Pellicano shares insights that will help your customers make the most of the upcoming - and online - shopping season.

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cbsi Product Feature: Porch Piracy Purchase Security

It is expected this Holiday Season that more people will shop online than ever before, due in large part to the impact of the Covid-19.

Add to that concern is the increase in Porch Piracy: the stealing delivered packages right from the recipients porch.

cbsi created its Porch Piracy Purchase Security Program to combat such issues and now is the best time to make sure your customers are aware of this product.

Learn more HERE


HVDMA Webinar

Join cbsi and its partner, ShadowWorks as we explore brand development via video. The details: Growing Your Business in Front of a Lens: How Digital Media is Transforming Customer Experience and Sales.

Enroll Here!

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Talking Business

Ken Kraetzer continues to build an impressive list of interviews with industry thought leaders.
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