eNewsletter: July 2020

Keep Your Hands Off!

As the Coronavirus continues to impact us, it can be easy to forget the technology that affords us some social distancing, even if by luck.

Contactless everything seems to be the way of the world these days and yet, a contactless life has been around for quite some time. Many aspects of our lives, from how we wash and dry our hands in public restrooms to how we pay for clothes at The Gap with services like Apple Pay, have been available to us - it’s just taken a global pandemic for us to embrace it.

In this issue we examine a contactless world and how the payments industry is now seeing surges not necessarily anticipated.

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cbsi BLOG: Touchfree, Contactless, and Fast

In this month’s cbsi BLOG, Jack Hojnar demonstrates how Touch Free and Contactless have been part of our lives long before Covid-19 made it near-mandatory.

Read Here


Webinars / Virtual Conference

Certainly conferences and seminars are in a holding pattern for the moment. However, that shouldn’t preclude you from learning as much as possible about Contactless Payments.

These webinars below can be an excellent source of your continuing education.

Contactless EMV Payments: Issuer Opportunities Webinar
US Payments Forum Webinar to Explore Best Practices and Technical Challenges for In-store Contactless Acceptance
Contactless POS Experience Best Practices Webinar


Talking Business

This past month, Ken Kraetzer hosted an exciting online discussion for the DMCNY (Direct Marketing Club of New York) speaking with Xena Ugrinsky, CEO and Founder of Genre-X, Inc.

Ken and Xena dive into Artificial Intelligence and how businesses are making the most of the technology.


Talking Business Final

Bonus Content

Last month, cbsi’ Jack Hojnar explored traveling in a world of Covid in Part 1 of his two-part blog on Travel. You can read “Part 2: In the Air Again” HERE

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