eNewsletter: February 2020

When a Virus Hits

The world of credit card benefits is fluid, and usage among cardholders often varies with activity that happens worldwide. As people shop, retail benefits become top-of-mind. As people travel, benefits that support and protect travel purchases become important.

More so, when the world experiences some form of crisis – as seen with the recent coronavirus – some benefits become both timely and critical.
During the past few weeks, we’ve seen an increase in calls regarding Travel Cancellation products, most due to the concerns of the coronavirus.

In this issue, we provide information that you can use to continually inform your bank card customers of the benefits associated with their card and the reason these benefits are important.

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cbsi Blog: Travel in a World of Superbugs

In the past 30 days, cbsi call centers have experienced an increase in questions from cardholders. Our resident expert, Kelly Pellicano, provides advice to every credit card issuing bank, simply: know your Terms and Conditions.

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