eNewsletter: December 2020

Wishing You Our Best

We know all of you, from every corner of this country, have had to manage 2020 with as much grace as possible.

We truly wish all of our best to you and your family. Happy Holidays and thank you for being part of our family.



Some Fun for the Kids!


Holiday Fun for Mom and Dad!

Well, the kids can't have ALL the fun, can they? Below are some links that might be better suited for Mom and Dad. Enjoy!


cbsi Year-End Blog: A Year of Change

Each year, cbsi COO, Gerard Garofolo, shares his Year-in-Review: a look back on the events that affect the transaction account benefit space. This year, as everyone knows, nothing has been normal. Gerard shares his thoughts on 2020 and what to expect in 2021.

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Talking Business: 2020 Recap

Cbsi’s Ken Kraetzer has had an incredibly busy year interviewing some of the most influential business leaders this country has to offer. In Part 1 of his Talking Business Year-In Review, Ken shares some amazing interview highlights, specifically within the Banking Industry.

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Talking Business Final
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