eNewsletter: August 2020

The Customer Front and Center

More so than ever before in our history as marketers and business leaders, we have enough information about our customers to truly anticipate their needs. We have buying behavior. We recorded calls from their call center interactions. We have access to their social media accounts. We have survey results clearly stating their interests.

Big Data is an understatement.

Yet, here's something even more important: our customers expect us to use this knowledge to serve them as best as possible.

So are we taking care of our customers? That’s for you to decide.

You most likely have the information you need. You may also have the resources. You probably have their permission to amaze and delight your customers every day.

In this issue, we explore the ways in which the Customer Experience (CX) is evolving, from how we treat consumers to how we treat Business-to-Business relationships.

So once again, are you doing everything you can to serve your customers?



cbsi BLOG: CX in a COVID-19 World

She knows the Customer and Client Experience as well as anyone in the profession. She’s our very own, Sonia Pergunin and she managed the entire client roster at cbsi. This month, she shares her thoughts on the Trends in Customer Experience (CX).

Read Here


New Media!

cbsi Conversation: A Talk with Ken Kraetzer
cbsi Marketing and Tech Leader Jack Hojnar introduces a new cbsi video series called Conversations. The series is dedicated to introducing cbsi Subject Matter Experts and cbsi partners that help make the world of transaction benefit services appear effortless.

In this Premier Videocast, Jack interviews cbsi's Ken Kraetzer.



Talking Business

Probably one of our most comprehensive and complete Talking Business issues since Ken Kraetzer created the video series a couple of years ago.

It will not disappoint. CLICK HERE

Talking Business Final

cbsi to Host Online Webinar for HVDMA

For several years, cbsi has been a proud partner of the Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association (HVDMA) and next month (Sept 10) we will be hosting the following webinar:

Growing Your Business in Front of Lens: How Video is Transforming Customer Experience and Sales.

In this session, participants will learn how various forms of video creation have transformed the way businesses engage with their customers and how simple 90-minute videos from a mobile phone can build a brand like never before.

From how to properly record videos to distributing them easily and quickly to measuring their impact, discover how video can transform your business in a marketplace that moves faster and faster each day.

We will provide specific details as soon as they become available.

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