eNewsletter: April 2021

Credit Cards 101

Having been part of the financial services industry for more than 45 years, it’s easy to forget all of the fortune presented to cbsi. The company got its start providing insurance products alongside credit card transactions to help banks differentiate at a time when annual fees were disappearing.

Today, while the credit card market has shifted back to annual fees, the role of card benefits is still the same: to build relationships with cardholders.

So in this issue, we provide some insight into the credit card industry. It’s a part of the Financial Institution Transaction Industry cbsi has called home for quite some time.

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Credit cards

cbsi Product Spotlight: Porch Piracy

As e-commerce sales continue to grow, so does the frequency of porch piracy theft. Porch piracy is when a delivered package is stolen off the recipients doorstep. Proven difficult to combat, approximately 30% of Americans have already fallen victim.

Fortunately, Porch Piracy Purchase Security can help. If an eligible account is used, this benefit can reimburse the cardholder for the purchase price of their package in the event it is stolen during delivery.

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cbsi BLOG: Jack Hojnar

Twice each month, cbsi will develop a blog designed to inform you of trends in our industry, from technology to insurance products to office productivity. This issue is from cbsi's Jack Hojnar.



Talking Business

Ken Kraetzer continues to build an impressive list of interviews with industry thought leaders. Click below to read the latest issue.


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