Making a Commitment to Giving Back

For more than 40 years, cbsi has dedicated its time and energy toward helping clients succeed by providing superiors products, services and relationships. During those same 40 years, cbsi has also dedicated its energies toward making a difference in its communities as well.

Whether through personal contribution or as part of our complete organization, cbsi employees continually dedicate their time, money and resources toward helping others. Local organizations and large international interests alike benefit from cbsi employee efforts.


FEATURE: cbsi Supports A Day of Service + Remembrance' honors 9/11

The White Plains community hosted a "Day of Giving" to help the millions of people affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Those who turned out donated their blood, supplies and time at the Westchester County Center in a perfect union of service and remembrance. Several cbsi employees were supporting the effort.

Local news station covered the event as well. CLICK HERE

CBSI Volunteers

Environment and Climate

cbsi is committed to protecting and maintaining the quality of the environment, creating environmental awareness and reducing our impact on the surrounding environment.

As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship, we are dedicated to measuring, and reducing or offsetting, our greenhouse gas emissions. We have presented our emissions reporting below to keep our clients, partners, and the public informed about our progress towards a more sustainable future. cbsi also reports emissions data and progress annually (as of July 2022) through the CDP Online Response System, the global disclosure system for managing environmental impacts.

Our Measurements
It is important to note that cbsi does not perform any direct emission-generating activities and is not emission-intensive. Our primary emission sources stem from indirect Scope 2 and Scope 3 categories
which we have inventoried and reported, where applicable and available. Currently, we have measured and reported only Category 7 (ie. Employee Commuting) of Scope 3 emissions. However, we expect to be able to measure and report other categories of Scope 3 emissions as we progress through our climate journey.

Scope 1 – 0 CO 2 e (metric tons)

Scope 2* – 35 CO 2 e (metric tons)

Scope 3** – 27 CO 2 e (metric tons)

*Location-based; estimated based on square footage via the EPA Simplified GHG Emissions Calculator

**Based solely on Employee Commuting category

Our Climate Target
cbsi commits to offset 50% of scope 1 and 2 location-based GHG emissions by the end of 2024 from the 2022 base-year level.

We acknowledge that our supply chain and other indirect activities (Scope 3) also contribute to our carbon footprint. As such, we are working to gain a better understanding of our Scope 3 emissions to determine where we can drive emission reductions.

Our Performance
Creating a more sustainable future, while furthering engagement in our local community is our top priority. To that end, we are dedicated to taking a meaningful approach to achieving our climate target. We have invested in carbon offsets through the Fulton County Mud Road Landfill Gas Capture initiative located in Johnstown, New York, home to Elizabeth Cady Stanton, an activist and leader for the women’s right movement. Our intent is not only to invest in emission reduction activities locally in our community but to also honor the legacy of a local trailblazer whose lifelong dedication and advocacy for women’s rights helped pave the way for women’s equality.

According to the current EPA carbon equivalencies guidance, our investment has offset the equivalent carbon as 21 acres of US forests.

We have also taken other steps to demonstrate our commitment to improving climate-related issues.
Here is a quick look:

  • We added environmental considerations into our RFP process to ensure we partner with organizations that share in our vision and align to the climate transition goals of the Paris Agreement.
  • We have included environmental topics in our risk assessment approach and determined risks and opportunities.
  • We have invested in technology to automate one of our most paper-intensive procedures to attain a more paper-free environment.
  • We have reviewed our supplier’s publicly available climate-related information to determine their position as it pertains to the environment and future path.

Although our own carbon footprint is minimal, we believe that collaboration with our partners, suppliers, and clients will help to further drive emission reductions throughout our value chain.

In closing, we recognize the urgency of addressing climate change and its impact on the planet. By reporting our emissions and progress transparently, we hope to inspire others to join us in this vital journey towards a  sustainable future. Together, we can make a positive impact on the  environment and create a better world for future generations.

cbsi Philanthropy

The success of our company is driven by the character of our employees, those people who not only support our clients but give back to the community as well. With our commitment to supporting national and local charities, we extend the reach of our motto to "Get Things Done" for those who need our support.



Friends of New Rochelle High School Football

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