cbsi Will Help You and Your Business Succeed – And Here’s How

by Kelly O. Pellicano

2020 is in the rearview mirror and 2021 is well underway. At cbsi, we’ve reviewed how we communicate with you, our client. We strive to provide you with information and tips to help your business during the good times — and the not-so-good. So we decided we will craft bi-monthly blog posts to keep you informed. We have great information to share and we don’t want to keep it all to ourselves!

Through our blog, we will provide you with strategies to generate revenue and to increase your customer’s loyalty. You’ll also hear directly from industry experts to gain industry insights. We’ll highlight timely insurance benefits so you will learn how they save you money and so you can educate your customers on what’s available to them. This will contribute to your success!

We will also dive into the importance of a great customer experience, explore recent industry regulations, what their impact is, and much more. We’ll focus some time on the retail and travel industries and when it's more beneficial for your customers to use specific cards to pay for certain store purchases and travel-related purchases.

We will cover a myriad of topics this year that are relevant to your business. If there are other topics you wish for us to cover or benefits you’d like more information on, you can always reach out to us at

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