cbsi Online Claim Options

by Craig Sozio

A report from Accenture (HERE) reveals that two-thirds (67 percent) of consumers are interested in mobile insurance services – such as sending pictures of their car to report a claim. With more insurance providers creating processes for supporting online and even mobile claims processes, it would only seem correct that cbsi and its partners would provide the same type of services for cardholders and benefit products.

Currently, cbsi supports two online claims websites designed to provide issuers with even greater customer engagement opportunties.

The sites:

Both sites provide the following services:

  • Compatipble with desktop, laptop, tablet, phone and other mobile devices without the need to download applications
  • All HTML web browsers supported (backdated up to 4 versions)
  • Current PCI Security Standards for Cardholder’s Protection
  • V2 Captcha for Spam/Bot Protection
  • Eligibility Check via VFS
  • FAQs for Benefits
  • File claims online for current benefits available
    • Check status of a claim
    • Upload required claims documentation including photographs
  • Production Registration if applicable
    • Warranty Manager
    • Purchase Security
    • Cell Phone

To learn more about these online claims services, contact cbsi at

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