Best Practices for Consumer Holiday Shopping 2020

by Kelly Pellicano

Halloween is days away and if this year follows suit to previous years, we can expect the barrage of Holiday advertisements to kick-off shortly thereafter. What to buy, for whom and where to make your purchases will soon flood the airways and your inbox.

We are in the business of protection and assistance benefits that add value for both you and your customers. As this Holiday shopping season is poised to start early, last longer and shift dramatically to online, we want to ensure your customers can make informed decisions for which credit cards to use for their holiday purchases.

Protection benefits such as Purchase Security and Extended Warranty should be top of mind for your customers when shopping online this Holiday season. Knowing that a credit card has the added protection against damage or theft (given uptick in porch piracy) or extending the U.S. manufacturer’s warranty, could help your customers pick YOUR card versus another in their wallet or purse. Also, given the current state of the “homebody economy”, consumers are more apt to rely on options to repair/replace or get reimbursement for their purchases instead of tossing them and upgrading.

The credit card benefits cbsi offers at no additional cost to your customers are designed to stimulate usage, generate revenue and increase loyalty among your existing customers. Unfortunately, what often gets lost is the marketing piece.

Proper communication to your customers regarding the benefits available on their card is a crucial factor needed to realize these business objectives. Proper messaging at the right time and in the marketing channels where they live matters. Additionally, utilizing available media, such as your bank’s website, mobile app, direct messaging and social media accounts are great, cost effective ways to successfully communicate benefits to your customers. These digital channels offer a significantly more cost-effective way to reach your audience and you can expect to reach more people more often. Customer engagement should be the end goal!

cbsi is here to not only help you select benefits that deliver this additional value to your customers, but we also have the means to assist in increasing your customer awareness. We have communication and marketing materials that you can customize and leverage for the correct messaging. cbsi also has tools to help you measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns. (Worth noting, our online eClaims presence will be there to support your customers in the event they experience a loss – but that’s a topic for another blog.)

I encourage you to reach out to for any assistance you may need in selecting protection benefits or any benefits communication support we can provide. We want to ensure your customers have the awareness and peace of mind that their holiday purchases are protected and YOU can reap the benefits of being at the top of their digital wallet!

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