Best of 2021, Issue 34

cbsi Talking Business: December 31, 2021 Edition

Dear cbsi Friends:

Happy New Year, hope all staying safe and healthy during this latest covid challenge.

We appreciate everyone who has participated in our #cbsiTalkingBusiness interview series which has now reached 665 episodes. So good to reconnect at the Army - Navy Game with Vice Admiral (ret) John Bird of USAA who was the first guest in the series.

It is an honor to be being able to work with outstanding trade organizations such as the Direct Marketing Club of New York, the Hudson Valley DMA, the New England DMA, the Professional Association for Customer Engagement, the Independent Bankers Association of NY State, business publications such as the American Banker and professors at business schools such as Fordham, Iona, Manhattan, NYU, Pace and SUNY New Paltz.

A special moment in 2021 was being with my friend and mentor from Chase Bank days, Mario Rosellini when he was honored for his career and charitable work at the Italian Tribune banquet in October.

Especially like to thank my colleagues at who shared their expertise during the year and took care of our clients and customers 24/7 during unpredictable times.

Happy New Year to you all!



Kenneth G. Kraetzer
Vice President

Bruce Biegel
Topic: "2021 Annual Outlook - Winterberry Group's Predictions of Marketing Spending Across Channels"
Megan Delaney
Topic: The challenges that the early months of pandemic brought to the contact centers that serve our credit card benefit issuers.
Daniel Reininga
Topic: Helping customers with Paycheck Protection Program loans, gladly working with new costumers turned down by larger banks, and more.
Josh Stevens
Topic: The brief his firm submitted, providing an update on state and national privacy legislation.
Rebekah Johnson
Topic: Implications of The Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act (TRACED Act).
Christine Erna & Michael Plunkett
Topic: What is Going On With the USPS? A DMCNY Webinar with Postal Experts Christine Erna and Michael Plunkett
Jason Steele
Topic: Jason provides updates on his recent trips across the country, navigating airports and health screening measures.
Dr. Lynne Richardson
Topic: "Believe in smaller school teaching mission, the Catholic mission here...teaching schools just are what it is like for me, believe how we do higher education best"
Daniel Wolfe
Topic: "The very nature of the "Card Product" is changing because the digital nature of commerce is changing what consumers expect."
Dr. Brennan O'Donnell
Topic: STEM education and the capabilities that the new Engineering / Science building brings to students at Manhattan College.
Peter Alter
Topic: How travel and shopping are sharply increasing at the start of the 2021 Holiday Season.
Mario Rosellini
Topic: Mario Rosellini recieves award at the Italian Tribune Dinner, October 8, 2021.

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