August 2018

Jimmy Novak

August 2018

RETAIL- IS IT TIME YET? With Back-to-School shopping done for most of the country (except for those that live on the edge), the next big shopping season will be upon us sooner than perhaps we want to accept. It used to be that Halloween marked the transition from Fall to Holiday shopping. Now it seems …

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July 2018

MARKETING- HITTING A MOVING TARGET The ability to capture the attention of consumers is harder than ever for today’s Marketing Executives. Consumers are bombarded with emails, texts, and social media posts. Millennials – the largest, fastest-growing target audience – have a constant need for immediate gratification with interests that are as diverse as the media …

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June 2018

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE- A NEW WORLD OF CRM The term Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been part of every corporate strategy since the wheel was invented and sold to some cavemen looking to get home faster from a busy day slaying saber-tooth tigers. There are books and blogs and websites and news articles and conferences dedicated …

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