August 2020, Issue 21

cbsi Talking Business: Summer Edition: August 19, 2020

Dear cbsi Friends:

The cool breeze in the morning indicates fall is not far off in this unpredictable year. We have been pleased to interview during Covid period fifty guests for our #cbsiTalking business series from areas of banking, insurance, digital marketing, Biz Ed. We appreciate their knowledge and descriptions of how they are helping their companies, clients, employees and communities.

This edition presents recent talks we have done with former Assurant Solutions CEO Craig Lemasters now of GXG, credit card executive Tom Flood, Boston based Mariah Hunt of Hunt Direct and president of the New England Direct Marketing Association, nonprofit event planner Don Neal of DC based, Mark Rickard, CEO at LI based Rickard Squared, and PR exec Tom Mariam tells us how to manage media during a crisis period

You can watch the webinar video we produced with Ginger Conlon president of the Direct Marketing Club of New York in a session on Artificial Intelligence expert Xena Ugrinsky.

We were pleased to be ask to promote entries to International Echo Awards which have a deadline of September 18th, Mike Cruz of the new fast growing new agency Summer Friday describes the prestige of being recognized with one of these awards. More info at:

We are always proud to represent our team at CBSI who have been doing a great job taking care of our clients and their customers during this challenging time.

Best wishes,


Kenneth G. Kraetzer
Vice President

Craig Lemasters
Topic: Moving to the Digital Age through "Wisdom Based Learning"
Michael Cruz
Topic: The International Echo Awards
Thomas Flood
Topic: Credit Card Changes during COVID-19
Mariah Hunt
Topic: Change in Trade during COVID-19
Don Neal
Topic: Converting Live Events into New Virtual & Hybrid Formats
Mark Rickard
Topic: Managing a Data-Driven Business during COVID-19
Xena Ugrinsky
Topic: AI, Marketing Leadership, and the Quantification of Everything
Tom Miriam
Topic: Managing Media for Businesses and Sports Media during COVID-19

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