August 2019

The World of Retail is Forever Changed


Where once shopping meant interactions with products and people, now most shopping interactions are online with desktops or our phones.

Less than ⅓ of all people prefer to visit a physical store.

As a result of this tectonic shift in retail shopping, traditional stalwarts and titans of the retail industry are closing their doors for good.

Another outcome of this shift: more people are experiencing theft on their doorsteps as “Porch Piracy” is on the rise.

In this issue, we discuss all things Retail. You will learn about cbsi protection services related to retail shopping and perhaps get a better understanding of how credit cards and benefit products can make the buying experience easier and safer.

You will also hear from Product Specialist, Lisa Bonelli, in her blog, “Protect Your Purchases.”

Happy - and Safe - Shopping


CardCon 2019

cbsi’s Jack Hojnar will be leading a RoundTable Discussion on the State of the Benefits Industry at the upcoming CardCon in Washington, D.C., September 9.

cbsi Blog: Protect Your Purchases

This month, cbsi Marketing and Product Specialist, Lisa Bonelli, offers insight into various types of Retail Benefits associated with most credit cards.

Get to Know: Jack Hojnar

Being on camera is nothing new for cbsi's Jack Hojnar, host of the cbsi "Get to Know" series. This month however, Jack is the one in the spotlight.

Talking Business

cbsi's Ken Kraetzer met with Digital Marketing expert Robin Colner to discuss how Programmatic Ads can help the retail Industry.

Watch the interview here

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