August 2019, Issue 11

cbsi Talking Business Best of 2019 So Far

It's amazing that we are about to turn the corner into August, the new September. Much is happening.
Here's a look back at the year along with some highlights of our "Talking Business" interviews.
A special "Thank You" to the Direct Marketing Club of New York, Hudson Valley DMA, New England DMA, Business Council of Westchester, the Artificial Intelligence Hub, Manhattan College, Source Media, the telecom pros at Avaya, 360LiveMedia, Numeracle, and the WCBS 880 Small Business Breakfast.
Our guests help us define key trends and needs, continued growth on-line advertising, attracting business at trade events, increasing privacy regulations, applying artificial intelligence, keeping voice channel open to customers, using data analytics, perfecting customer journey, and serving small business.
We will be out at a number of events in September:
  1. Sept. 9-10, The Conference for Credit Card Media, Washington DC
  2. Sept. 12 Acxiom & DMCNY Privacy Lunch & Workshop, 11:30 Convene, NYC
Hope to see you at one of these events and please suggest banking or digital trade events you recommend.
Kenneth G. Kraetzer
Vice President
Winterberry Group
We kick started the Year with Bruce Biegel, Senior Managing Director at New York City based Winterberry Group presented his 2019 Industry Forecast to members of the Direct Marketing Club of New York on January 17th. The talk covered changes in spending for traditional and on-line media in 2018 and trends he sees for 2019. Reach Bruce at
Attorney Ken Driefach of briefed members of the Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association on key data privacy issues that their businesses and client may need to comply with. Luncheon held at Tamarac Club in Greenwich, CT on March 13, 2019. The former Chief of the Internet Bureau of the New York Attorney General's office briefed members on the European General Data Protection Regulation GDPA which was implemented in May 2018, the California Consumer Privacy Act which goes into effect in January 2020, and proposed data privacy legislation in Vermont, Washington State and at the Federal level. Reach on or 1646-362-5591
AI Data Privacy Seminar
AI Data Privacy-What You should know! Seminar held March 13, 2019 at Galvanize on Spring Street, in NYC. Panelists (L-R) Reid Blackman Ph.D CEO of Virtue, a risk management consultancy firm, taught at Colgate University. Jennifer Shin: Founder of 8 Path Solutions, a NY based data science, analytics, and technology company. Managed projects at NBCUniversal, Comcast, Nielsen Company, GE Capital, Caryle Group, Fortress Investment, City of New York, Columbia University. Raz Choudhury CEO of brings AI capability to small to medium sized organizations. Moderator: Xena Ugrinsky, CEO of GenreX Consulting, former exec of Analytics, Cloud; Booz Allen Hamilton, and KPMG, Author of "Enterprise AI - Your Field Guide to the New Business Normal". Organizer: Ana Valdes Founder | Artificial Intelligence Hub
Trade Association Expert
Don Neal is CEO, and founder of Washington DC based,, focuses on "Accelerating Associations". Don is an advocate for the importance of participating in live events, the "Original Social Media" as he calls it, having a presence in Washington, DC and being a "Media savvy organization" with platforms that can better impact influencers and legislators. Reach on:
AdDative Intelligence
"Digital companies are using off line data like traditional direct marketers have done for 50 years" said Ted McNulty, VP of Sales for Waltham, MA-based AdDaptive Intelligence. In our talk following his session at the Spring NEDMA conference at Bentley University on "Data Analytics" Ted described the effective process of "Account Based Marketing;" Reach on:
During an early May visit to Washington, visited with telecom expert Rebekah Johnson CEO of Washington DC based on industry efforts to reduce robocalls while allowing brands to continue to reach their customers through voice channels. Reach on:
Eastern Region
Michael (Mike) Piacentini is Eastern Region sales leader working with Avaya Enterprise clients, also a proud veteran of US Army. We highlighted their "Avaya Experience Day" Thursday n Brooklyn dedicated to their partner community. Mike explained Avaya dedication to "Customer Outcomes", the unified communications and collaboration platform offered, services that support #callcenters and #banks, capability such as #AI, "Chat Bots", Robotics which improve interaction speed and accuracy, "Assisted Self Service which helps customers find their solution reducing agent interaction from 48% in 2017 to 15% in 2022, video and collaboration platform. Thanks you to Avaya team for inviting us to their meeting in downtown Brooklyn.
Manhattan College
Donald E. Gibson Ph.d, dean and professor, O'Malley School of Business at Manhattan College discusses program offered, key study topics and major donation received in a springtime visit to the Riverdale NY campus. In past year Manhattan recently received a major $25 million gift commitment from alumnus energy executive Thomas O'Malley'63. Dean Gibson describes learning capabilities such as "Smart classrooms" strong areas such as finance, accounting and fashion, key topics covered such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain and Data Analytics, and a key topic for many of us "How to keep up with new technology", one way is through a focused certificate program. More about the Manhattan College School of Business at
"Everything happens faster!" says Michael Marx, Senior Director, Research and Insights at Visa, a speaker at May 2019 #CardForum in New Orleans on Panel Topic: "How do the most Admired Card Issuers Create the Perfect Customer Journey". Key points of his talk, the generations want to be treated differently, older customers prefers friendly voice to voice, the younger consumer expects 24-7 availability with immediate response , 70% under age 35 want to communicate via text, trends from Visa research, consumers moving from accumulating things to valuing experiences, offers on thoughts on keeping banking personal.
Marsha Gordon is CEO, President of the Business Council of Westchester host of the Westchester Business Expo. at the Expo attended by 1,500 on 20190328.Reach Marsha on:
Popular Bank
Cathy Vuong is Head Of Division - Product, Marketing, CX & Cash Management at Popular Bank. We had a chance to hear about Popular Bank's branch service area, products, and services at the WCBS Small Business Breakfast in Manhattan.

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