August 2018


With Back-to-School shopping done for most of the country (except for those that live on the edge), the next big shopping season will be upon us sooner than perhaps we want to accept.

It used to be that Halloween marked the transition from Fall to Holiday shopping. Now it seems that Holiday shopping starts as early as Labor Day. Certainly retailers have been planning for the season since this past March.

If predictions are to be believed, 2018 could be an even better year for retailers both online and in traditional stores.

So what does this mean for your account holders?

Retail credit card benefits, like Purchase Security and Extended Warranty provide peace of mind to consumer purchases. Just knowing that using a specific credit card will protect the buyer is a reason to use that card in the first place.

In this issue, we tackle the topic of retail shopping and the benefits that support your customers.

Remember, while it may seem a bit too early to talk about Holiday shopping, it's never too early to make sure you have all the retail shopping benefits you need to ensure your customers pay with your bank’s credit card.

Happy Shopping!


Sometimes, our mobile devices can be the best places to manage, discover and protect ourselves while travelling. So many apps exist for so many different purposes. We provide you with a few to get the ideas flowing:

Millennials don't carry or use credit cards - at least not nearly like the generation that preceded them.

In a recent study from Visa, Millennials use a debit card more than they use credit cards. In fact, other studies support such findings and back them up.

So what does that mean for you and your customers?

cbsi's Lisa Bonelli discusses ways in which card benefits - traditionally found only on credit cards - can now be applied to debit cards as well. It's a perfect way to reach a growing segment of the new buying population.

Read her blog HERE.


So much is happening within the retail and credit card environment. From rewards points to travel and shopping benefits, these articles may provide some insight with your business planning for the upcoming retail season:

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This month, cbsi's Ken Kraetzer shares both video and podcast as he interviews three unique business leaders: Jim Fosina, Rebekah Johnson and Jason Steele.

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