April 2021, Issue 28

cbsi Talking Business: April 28, 2021 Edition

Dear cbsi Friends:

In our April edition we discuss with industry experts, a number of regulatory and government topics that having been making headlines and will impact the financial industry:

March 23rd strategic plan announced by the US Postal Service

April 1 Supreme Court Ruling in the Facebook versus Noah Duguid case

April 14th European Union Announcement on Artificial Intelligence regulation

June 30th Effective Date for the Traced Act, anti robocalling legislation.

We also have highlights of the April 27th Capital Hill Day program of the Independent Bankers of America.

Best wishes,


Kenneth G. Kraetzer
Vice President

Josh Stevens
Topic: The April 1 Supreme Court Ruling in the Facebook vs. Noah Duguid Case.
Michael Plunkett
Topic: The March 23 strategic plan announced by the US Postal Service.
Rebekah Johnson
Topic: Key components of the 2019 Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act (TRACED ACT).
Xena Ugrinsky
Topic: The European Community's announcement on new regulations for AI use.
Robert Fisher
Topic: "We are relationship focused, dedicated to customers in good times and bad"
Ken Kraetzer
Topic: Ken Kraetzer highlights comments from the Independent Community Bankers of America: Capital Hill Day Program

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