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Sonia Perugini - Customer Relationships: @soniaperugini

Customer Engagement. Consumer Loyalty. Relationship Management. You've heard the buzz words. She lives them. She knows what works and how to make your Customer model work for you. With nearly 20 years managing operations related to Customer Expectations and Experience, follow Sonia to learn what strategies to embrace and how to execute.

Ken Kraetzer - Marketing Services: @KenKraetzer

A card-marketing veteran of American Express and Chase, Ken has seen nearly everything possible to see in the Financial Services industry. Whether you want to learn about Big Data, Legal impacts and Regulations or the newest credit card industry trend, follow this 25-year veteran for valuable insight.

Jack Hojnar - Technology: @jackhojnar

The mobile world changes quickly and to make sure you keep track of it, follow Jack who has more than 20 years experience in mobile technology, mobile commerce, mobile development, mobile payments ... ok, anything with the word "mobile" in front of it.

Gihan Shahidy - Quality Assurance: @gshahidycbsi

Taking risks is not something she takes lightly and neither should your business. As the CBSI Security and Risk specialist with more than 17 years evaluating security practices for the financial services industry, follow Gihan to ensure your company is keeping itself out of harm's way.

Stephanie Corritori - Social Media: @scorritori

Youth is wasted on the young ... though not in this case. Follow Stephanie to understand how Social Media can affect your business, call centers, customers and even your employees. When used correctly, says this 6-year veteran of social technology, this new media can create lasting customer relationships.


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