Talking Business


cbsi Vice President, Ken Kraetzer, often conducts interviews with several leading business executives, entrepreneurs and industry thought-leaders. His "Talking Business" section provides important information on trends in various industries. Sign up for the "Talking Business" email to be sure to receive the news as it appears.

Here are two conversations Ken conducted recently:

Stuart Discount, CEO, PACE (Professional Association of Customer Engagement)

Stuart brings over 30 years experience business to PACE which he says is all about serving the companies which use or operate contact centers, an activity which represents as much as 3% of the US population.

David Evetts and Grant Moody, USAA

Hiring veterans is a way many companies find mature, skilled, and dependable new employees .A notable practioner is San Antonio, TX based USAA. David and Grant are two shining examples of veterans who have successfully transitioned to civilian workforce life.

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